My Fitness Transformation – The Beginning (or, “I have goals, damnit!”)


This is the beginning of a revolution in my life. It will be no get thin quick or lose fat fast gimmick. It will be a year of hard ass work.

I have decided to take control of my health and fitness.

A little background:

Growing up, I practiced Karate at the local recreation center and then at a real dojo for the better part of eight years. In high school, I did one season of YMCA swim team, dabbled in olympic weight lifting, and competed in a few scaled Crossfit competitions. Despite all this, the only time I really felt “fit” was during my senior year when I consistently ate clean and lifted heavy. At this time, I hit a record low weight of 140 lbs.

Fast forward several years, and I have now gained forty pounds on top of that and have fallen extremely out of shape. For the past two years I have followed the yo-yo dieting pattern of losing twenty pounds then gaining twenty five, rinse & repeat.

Finally, I have had enough. This time I am changing one day at a time and never giving up. Why? Because I want to LIVE! I want to run around and play with my dog without getting tired, I want to wakeboard at Lake Powell for more than one round without my back giving out on me. I want to be fit because I want to live life to the fullest! I believe that our health either permits or limits our ability to live greatly and to fully enjoy the world around us.

I’ll be posting about my failures, successes, and progress during the journey, along with lessons learned and how you can apply them too. Stay tuned.

Live Greatly, my friends!


Sarah Cate

Bonus: The photo above is my “little book of achievements” (an idea I got from the calisthenics group, Bar Brothers),  in which I will track my fitness goals and progress. I promise myself, I will never give up!

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